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23 hours ago

Health Stores Ireland

Take natural supplements to support your immune system, ask your doctor first if you’re on medication. Call into your local health store to have a chat, they have lots of supplements for you to choose from- Clair from Natural Health Store, Wexford & Kilkenny, has some natural remedy ideas. The flu season has begun, what can you do to protect yourself? The flu is a highly infectious illness caused by the influenza virus. Symptoms include high temperature, aches and pains, extreme tiredness, nausea, loss of appetite, and a cough.
Healthy people should recover quite quickly but it can be life-threatening for those in high-risk groups. This includes older people, very young people, people with compromised immunity, and pregnant women.
Flu usually has a sudden onset while a cold can be more gradual, starting with a sore throat or a runny nose. You won’t generally have a fever or a headache with a common cold unless your sinuses are blocked.
The virus can be spread by coughing or sneezing. You’re infectious for 1 or 2 days before symptoms develop and up to 5 days after you show symptoms. The virus can survive on infected surfaces for up to 24 hours or longer. You can get flu by touching a surface with the virus on it and then touching your mouth, eyes, or nose.
A.Vogel Echinacea is a herbal supplement that can help support your immune system so that you can fight the viral infection. If you already have the flu then A.Vogel Echinacea Hot Drink is a better option. It’s pleasant to drink, you take it up to five times a day for a few days. This will help you deal with the symptoms more effectively.
Other natural remedies to fight viruses include Vitamin D, Elderberry, Garlic, Olive Leaf, Zinc, Vitamin C, and Selenium are commonly used to support immunity.
It’s difficult to believe that worldwide, flu causes between 3 and 5 million cases of severe disease each year and 250,000 to 500,000 deaths. Between 200 and 500 people, mainly older people, die from flu each winter according to the HSE. So, it’s important to prevent the spread of the virus to protect vulnerable people. If you’re high risk, stay away from crowds, avoid hugging and handshaking, and practice good hygiene.
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6 days ago

Health Stores Ireland

A picture tells a thousand words - or in this case, actions speak louder than empty words.

A few months back the government levied 23% VAT on Kombucha. Now its the turn of food supplements (on 1st March) which many people rely on - it seems there has been a policy shift towards taxing anything that is natural and good for you. Health is not a luxury and should be exempt from VAT. These moves to levy VAT on natural methods discourages people from maintaining their health in a natural and preventative lifestyle and instead forces people into a reactionary and artificial pharmaceutical lifestyle. It leads to more people needing treatment in an already disastrous and overburdened health system. .
Pharmaceutical medicines are fine but should not be forced as the first and only resort.

#health #healthcare
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6 days ago

Health Stores Ireland

The Revenue Commissioners have announced 23% VAT on all food supplements (this includes vitamins, minerals, fish oils, probiotics etc) from the 1st of March 2019.

Revenue Commissioners proposed to the Minister of Finance, Paschal Donohoe, that VAT be introduced for food supplements in the 2019 Budget and they had deferred to the Minister for his opinion as to what that rate should be.

Minister Donohoe chose not to engage with Revenue and did not provide guidance thereby paving the way for the introduction of 23% VAT early 2019.

Minister Donohoe has the power to issue a 0% VAT ruling if he wishes to or is made to do so by public opinion. Minister for Finance Michael Noonan reversed the 23% VAT ruling on herbal teas in 2014 - so the minister has this power if he wishes to do so.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar launched the Government's Healthy Ireland 2018 plan last year, and now anyone who is proactively looking after their health will have to pay 23% more for their food supplements. This is going to affect over 80% of the population in Ireland.

The HSE urges all women who could become pregnant to take Folic Acid, whether or not they intend to become pregnant. They also recommend Vitamin D for everyone from babies to the elderly. There are over 915,000 people in Ireland living with Arthritis and many of these people would use food supplements to help ease their symptoms.

The sugar tax was introduced last year and this only applies to fizzy drinks. The bag of sugar in the supermarket will still have a zero VAT rate. So, the sugar you buy in the supermarket will have no VAT, but the food supplement you buy to look after your health will have 23% VAT.

Please make contact with your local TD and let them know how you feel about this and we can try and get this tax on health reversed, you can also email Minister Donohoe at paschal.donohoe@oireachtas.ie.

If you are wondering who your local TD's are, you can click the link down below and this will give you the names and email addresses to make contact with them.


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Merry Christmas. Have a happy & sustainable New Year.
Please keep supporting independent specialist shops.
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